Artisan cheese and crispy homemade manufacture of the use of healthier ingredients have sought. 

Flavor enhancer stabilizers and preservatives are not used. 

Work free of trans fatty acids in margarine production. 

High-purity controlled 99% NaCl salt to taste.     



  Cheese-crispy Natural 125g   

    Seasoning: Trappist cheese




  Cheese-crispy Cumin 125g  

   Seasoning: Trappist cheese, 100% Cumin



  Cheese-crispy  Potato-Garlic 125g

  Seasoning: Trappist cheese, 100% potato flakes, 100%garlic powder 





   Cheese-crispy Sunflower Seeds 125g

  Seasoning: Trappist cheese, Sunflower seeds





  Chesse-crispy  Spicy green 125g

  Seasoning: Trappist cheese, wild garlic, basil, marjoram, thyme,     sage






  Cheese-crispy Hot Peppers 125g

  Seasoning: Trappist cheese, hot peppers





  Cheese-crispy Onion and Smoked Cheese 125g

  Seasoning: Smoked Trappist cheese, Onion




Spelt Crispy : Lactose Free 

Milk and milk products are not included! 

Spelt flour is 100%. 

This product is made of pure NaCl salt.  



  Spelt Crispy Spicy green 100g

  Seasoning: wild garlic, marjoram, basil, thyme, sage





 Spelt Crispy Seedy 100g

 Seasoning: flax seeds, sesame seeds





 Spelt Crispy Onion 100g

  Seasoning: onions, chives